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Screenforce Day 2016


Screenforce Day 2016

Die neue Freiheit! Bewegtbild auf allen Kanälen

Am 11. Mai 2016 ist Anpfiff für den Screenforce Day 2016.  Unter dem Motto „Die neue Freiheit! Bewegtbild auf allen Kanälen“ möchte wir gemeinsam mit Ihnen einen spannenden Blick in die Zukunft der audiovisuellen Medien werfen. Der Screenforce Day (ehemals TV-Wirkungstag) ist mit rund 1.500 Teilnehmern aus werbungtreibenden Unternehmen und Agenturen der größte deutsche Branchenevent für TV und Bewegtbild. Gastgeber ist Screenforce, die Initiative der TV-Vermarkter. 

Freuen Sie sich auf interessante Themen und Top-Speaker aus dem In- und Ausland, u.a.:

Christian Wulff, Bundespräsident a.D. (Keynote) | Dr. Silke Borgstedt | Prof. Dr. Markus Gross | Prof. Dr. Ingo Froböse | Volker Herres | Bob Hoffman | Joachim Llambi | Prof. Dr. Renate Köcher | Dr. Andrea Malgara | Christoph Metzelder | Bernd Reichart | Kai Weidlich

Durch den Tag führt Sie TV-Moderator Wolfram Kons


TV World Day feiert weltweit die Vielfalt der TV-Inhalte

Brüssel, 21. Nov. 2019. TV professionals around the world celebrate World Television Day on 21 November to remind us that TV is so much more than linear viewing. As part of the annual United Nations initiative, a 30 second-spot will be broadcast on-air and shared online worldwide.

Diversity of TV content that entertains, informs and inspires.

The topic of the 23rd edition of this global celebration is Diversity. TV offers an unmatched variety of premium films and series, trustworthy news, informative documentaries, entertaining shows and more to viewers around the world – millions of stories, just waiting to be discovered, changing the viewers’ perception of the world. This premium content, available when and where they want on a multitude of TV platforms triggers the curiosity, interest and loyalty of viewers, always in a brand safe environment.

The topic of Diversity is a larger societal topic increasingly featured in TV programmes and advertising campaigns. Through the wide range of content on offer, TV plays a powerful role as a force for good and contributes to a democratic debate in society. The diverse quality content can incite viewers to broaden their mind and look beyond the everyday life through inspirational shows.

“Diversity is a critical component of a positive and vibrant society and should be seen as a richness rather than a threat. Every effort to Leave No One Behind can only contribute to a better world “, asserts Caroline Petit, Deputy Director United Nations Regional Information Centre for Europe (UNRIC).

“TV is truly entrenched in the lives of so many diverse people around the world. With millions of stories at their fingertips, viewers are invited to an endless journey of discovery. This is also the trusted environment advertisers are seeking more than ever. We invite everyone to once again celebrate our medium around the world – now and for many more years to come.” says Katty Roberfroid, Director General, egta.

For more information:

Alain Beerens,
MarCom Manager, egta
Association of television and radio sales houses
T : +32 2 290 31 38